we are all makers of our own dreams, you can be a coder, a designer, a maker...

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Digital ARTS/TECH Workshop & Gallery in Bude, North Cornwall.

SEE interesting things & DO interesting things.


Develop your creative skills.

workshop sessions, exhibits, shows and networking events.

Work with digital material - images, sound, film, interaction, programming, electronics...
or link to traditional art and craft through digital media.

You can be creative at any level.

Go out and do something different in Bude, North Cornwall;
Make, create and collaborate.
Inspire & enquire.
Exhibit & network.

We are all a bit different and together we know more.

Digital media brings a diverse set of skills together,
and provides all kinds of ways for all kinds of people to be creative.
Digital art inspires how people work, play, learn and communicate.

Join in, you will be amazed at what you can make, when you put your mind to it.

Lee Bartrop.

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a script



yep, seeing and doing leaves a trace, you gain something, learn something, are reminded of something,
challenged, whatever, anyway this is a big topic, who cares what 'art' is anyway?....
and its not all arty, some is techy, some is worky, some is just.. well junky

eh? see what and do what?


what do you mean, you don't know!

well we do have an idea, but that's not the point, what might happen is the interesting part, that's why its a bit different,
whoever is there makes something happen, there might be a general topic, but the group can experiment,
or if they prefer be led by a leader.
mess about with graphics, sound, interaction, electronics, programming, these are headings of a myriad of possibilites...
whatever happens i am certain people will learn and have fun. the more they do the better they'll get, it will expand.
anyway there might not be a session at that particular time, just people hanging out, listening to music, playing with tech,
talking, drinking tea, other times stuff will be more structured. generally the workshop sessions will be about ART/TECH,
all things digital or digitally connected but it could be coffee and cake and knitting...


actually knitting and weaving is quite techy, babbage did a lot of interesting work with...

so what do they get out of it again?

fun, networking, collaboration, develop ART/TECH skills, be creative, be inspired. i dunno, whatever.... everything, anything, nothing.

(in a promotional film) these two characters are chatting, they are:
two blackbirds building a nest, adding twigs to it, sometimes dropping some,
or two ants in a train of more ants, each carrying a crumb, but these two,
unlike the other dreary drudgers, help each other over the obstacles,
or they are two people doing the washing up, one washing the other drying,
one finishes washing and helps the other dry.


April 2014
Contact Lee Bartrop 07792 140 944